Joyso is the fruit of the productive, out-of-the-box entrepreneurial spirits of a hotel operator and an economist. Joyso was born from the conversation of Miray, who is a hotel operator while working as a researcher in Istanbul, and economist Levent, who came to Bozcaada for vacation with his family. Miray’s energetic, indulgent temperament opens the door of today’s artist’s ceramic workshop in Bozcaada, which is quiet in winter. And together they make beautiful ceramic products for their hotel. Levent, who does not hesitate to express both his admiration and criticism for aesthetic values, is meeting with you today, starting with his meeting with ceramic products.


Removing the boundaries and after the conversation of every age group, coloring the table with personalized products, sweetening and adding happiness… In short; to be a part of your life.


To be the most preferred brand of the sector by bringing together the culinary culture that creates quality, innovative, unique products with its guests all over the world as well as in Turkey, and bringing them together with products that will make them feel special.

    Sepet BoşMağazaya Dön