Ceramic is the general name of the soil that is shaped and fired at high temperatures. In addition to their architectural features in home decorations, ceramic products appear in abundance in accessories and object selections. Ceramic products, which offer a modern and elegant look in interiors, also have the feature of appealing to all styles and tastes.

Considering all these features of ceramic, we started our adventure based on the question “that makes our life better at a table?” We aim to meet you with our unique and timeless designs by removing the borders and to share your pleasant moments. With our sets that we have chosen to appeal to all ages and tastes, we want to make a touch of the lives of those who are fond of their enjoyment. All of our products are made by our artist Seden, and though they look similar, they are personalized, unique and handmade products with their shapes and the way their glazes flow. Vivid colors, which are formed as a result of long trials with A quality glaze, which are completely suitable for food, have met you. None of the drawings on our products are printed. All are drawn one by one and painted with under glaze paint. While each of our non-drawing products is processed for four hours, each of our specially drawn products is drawn by our artist and takes its present shape with eight hours of processing.

Could you make a room for us on your table in this journey where we adapt ceramics, which emerged as a result of a basic need in ancient civilizations, to modern life?

    Sepet BoşMağazaya Dön